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Lessons for property investors in a changing market

Property markets around the country are constantly changing and most of our capital cities are currently going through “price correction”…

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How much is enough?

One question that we’re asked more than any other is “How much is enough?”. In all honesty, the answer all…

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5 reasons why you need professional advice before you invest in property

Amongst my clients, and within Australian culture, property investment is a very popular way to create and build wealth. It’s…

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Want to know the number one tip to better manage your finances?

Get rid of bad debt – and we mean credit card debt! As financial planners, we see lots of people…

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4 tips to impact your budget but not your lifestyle

The word “budget” makes some of us cringe. It evokes images of deprivation and going without – like nights sitting…

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Bitcoin and The Basics Of Cryptocurrencies

Three years ago Bitcoin was $250AUD. With a 10,000% increase in price since then, it is starting to generate significant…

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What a great SMSF Budget 2018!

Government delivers SMSF friendly 2018-19 Federal Budget An SMSF friendly budget is the good news coming out of the 2018-19…

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Cash rate remains steady after RBA meeting

The Reserve Bank of Australia has elected to hold the cash rate at 1.5 per cent at today’s monetary policy…

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Sharemarket volatility calls for a serious conversation about super

Nearly 15 million Australians have a superannuation balance and most of us have some exposure to growth investments such as…

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How to shelter from market storms

Summary: When markets do correct, as they invariably do, it’s important not to overreact. The best strategy is to stick…

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